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i love him.
Saturday, June 16, 2007

new domain =)

hello, from today I'll be blogging at I've finally done it up =) The archives haven't been transferred over yet, so all the older posts will remain here. Thankyou!

2:19 am

Thursday, June 14, 2007

turkey part ii

cappadocia - my favourite place of the whole trip

kissing the camel. taken by my turkish tour guide, who was really experienced at getting the angle right!

the houses cut into the soft rocks of the fairy chimneys. the people here used to live in these structures until recently when the govt forbade it.

inside one of the fairy chimney houses. it was decorated really nicely.

in the tiny tunnels of one of the underground cities in cappadocia. it is supposed to be 10 storeys underground, we managed to explore 3 storeys of it. the bore of the tunnels were so small i had to duck walk through most of them.

i got to try my hand at making pottery too. wore a pair of gross pants, and made a bowl w a hole in it, even after much help from the master. a career in pottery is so not for me.

one of the local dishes we got to try along the 10hr bus ride to cappadocia: plain yoghurt with honey and poppy seeds. super super good! the sweetness of the honey masked the tart sourness of plain yoghurt that i dislike, and the poppy seeds added texture. totally going to make this again at home =)

at the salt lake. the ground's all salt, and its so white it almost looks purple. i took lots of jumping shots here =P

luscious, cheap cherries bought at a road side stall!

with our tour leader cynthia, and turkish tour guide cem (pronounced jem).

the grand bazaar. we bought hanging mosaic lamps and a gorgeous aladdin lamp from here!

pretty belly dancer.

on the bosphorus cruise

one of the 2 bridges that connects the continents of asia and europe, and for the turks in istanbul to travel from the residential to commercial areas of the city.

turkish baked potato with butter, cheese, and whatever topping u want!!

apparently famous mado turkish icecream.

at the spice market

12:53 am

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

turkey, part I

just got back from turkey today. it was a phenomenal trip, in terms of sights and experiences. i got to ride a hot air balloon, sashay down a catwalk in a $2000 leather jacket, do pottery, cruise down the bosphorus straits that separates the continents of europe and asia, crawl around in caves 3 storeys underground where ancient people once lived, soak in iron fortified waters in the thermal springs, bargain successfully at the bazaars, taste new foods, meet new people... it was only not so good because my dad hurt his back, and
it caused some worry. and somehow i didnt really sleep very well in the hotels there even though the tour brought us to some pretty good hotels.

shall upload some photos now before i drift off to sleep.

the blue mosque:

with the turkish cherry juice seller who sold us overpriced cherry juice.

on the ferry ride across the marmara sea.

i got pulled out to model one of their jackets in a leather factory's catwalk presentation for the tour group. another guy from the grp also had to do it. it was klutzy, and really quite funny =P the leather was super soft though.

visited mother mary's house near ephesus. it was a rather surreal experience, even though i'm not catholic.

the ruins of a great ancient civilization, ephesus. it was a huge city, and we walked through most of it, being mostly in awe of what the ancients accomplished with primitive equipment.

(nowhere as convincing as joel's great efforts in his picture last summer, but well, one can always try)

(dad on an ancient loo. where great men once sat.)

(a carving of the goddess of victory, nike, which our sports brand is named after)

(library of celsus, 3rd biggest ancient library)

the cotton castle, millions/thousands? of years of calcium rich waters flowing resuled in calcium carbonate deposits, and the formation of a truly unique site.

and i got to ride a hot air balloon! it was so so expensive, like US180 per pax for 1hr or so, but so so so fabulous an experience. we got to see the sun rise over the hills, and the unique landscape of capadocia from air. our pilot rose us to the clouds, and down so near the rocks that we could touch the cliffs, and even between 2 fairy chimneys.

(with newfound friend diyanah =) )

at the beach by the aegean sea.

completely vile, caffeine saturated turkish coffee

11:12 pm

Thursday, May 31, 2007

yum cha!

monday denoted the last day of csfc @ sgh for cg6, and we comemorated it by meeting up before our tutorials at jumbo seafood at the serangoon garden country club for a sumptious dim sum lunch =) we ordered many many dishes, with jerry's 20% discount, it came up to only $12 per pax! the pictures here are all blue tinged unfortunately, because of the weird blue lighting all over the restaurant.

the winning egg tarts. super nice especially when they came out fresh and piping hot from the oven, with wobbly eggy fillings. we ordered seconds - and thirds of this. =)

lousy xiao long bao, which were very much bigger than the din tai fung/crystal jade size that we're used to, but not at all nice. the centres were mushy and oily. ugh.

pictures around the table.

zj and i with our frog egg-slime dessert (i forgot the real name, but its less disgusting-sounding, i promise) thats good for your complexion.

our osces ended today. cant say that it went well, since i forgot that the sciatic nerve is easily injured in the hip joint, and the various types of nerve palsies. what i thought was elbow xanthomata was actually neurofibromatosis? and i really couldnt see anything wrong in the cxr. ahwells.

1:04 am

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

friday: cg6's outing to bowling & pirates =)

at billy bombers, where we filled up on chicken and sides ravenously at lunch at 330pm after our day ended in sgh. finished so incredibly stuffed at 4pm that the plan to go for martinis and steak sandwiches at mortons' was ditched.

bowling was next. christine surprised us all by trashing everyone and getting an over-100 points score.

we even went to the arcade, making up for the adolescence that was never there. tried to play with the para para machine, but it took 2bucks and more than a few tries for 4 medical students to figure out how to use it. and in the end it just wound up with each of us taking one sensor and waving our hand under it. i discovered that im pretty good at daytona too!

i even challenged lawrence to it the next day, and i -almost- overtook him - something that has never happened before. he usu trashes me by many many laps. but i didnt get to beat him as he somehow managed to overturn me as i was overtaking him. boo.

meet bobby:

dinner at dian xiao er, with their excellent herbal roast duck, and jerry's gorgeous gf shirley for company =)

i enjoyed pirates tremendously, even though my friends dozed off partway, i loved the costumes and props and cinematography. the rocking of the ship scene was amazing too. haha. calypso was disappointing. and i was devastated at the ending. shant spoil the surprise for you if u havent seen it. =)

8:38 pm